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This started as an art blog. Still is when I can be arsed to post art of any sort. Posts are most frequently related to: Sci-fi and fantasy across all media from video games and films to tv shows foreign and domestic, my overwhelming leftist radical rage, and generalized snarky observation. I regularly get into discussions with my mutual-follow buddies and sometimes mumble about writing/the writing process.

Sep 3

Just so you can see what I was talking about. Here are the before/after pics for the Garrus I did a while back.
He was green, I tell you.

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    I remain unreasonably proud of this considering it’s literally nothing but a repaint. I got way more ambitious later on....
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    Good painting job!
  4. iratescientist said: I’m particularly impressed by the armor changes. Looks much nicer a bit more matte and less shiny. :D
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